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February 27 2015

Object Lesson - Easter Egg Surprise

It is really an object lesson that fits in well together with the Easter season. To organize the lesson, get 4 plastic Easter eggs and place the following products in them: inside one egg is a sticker, inside the second is really a polished rock, within the third is a bit of cloth, and the fourth you've a nail. The principle lesson to teach is God can use you to meet a necessity in a friend's life and the supporting Bible verse is James 1:22.


The apostles were ordinary, everyday guys. I doubt that people saw anything special when passing them all the time. Outwardly these men didn't seem special. What made them special was the fact that was on the inside; something people couldn't see. I've got 4 eggs here, each with something inside. Let's look at each one and see whenever we can figure out what caused them to be so special and what can make you special as well.
Surprise Eggs
(Open the first egg.) Here we have a sticker. Stickers are bright and colorful then when you put them on something, they hold fast. Giving a bright, colorful sticker to someone can be a real encouragement for them and help brighten a full day. A true friend is someone who sticks by you whatever and has a way of brightening every day. By the time you get to the novel of Acts, you see the disciples stuck by one another and encouraged the other person.

(Open the second egg.) This is a rock; but this one isn't a typical one. It's a polished rock. Normally, rocks are rough, nonetheless they can be polished making smooth like this one. It will take time and effort to polish one, however when it's done, it can help make it special. An authentic friend is somebody that accepts you since you are, but also helps to make you better. They do that by allowing you know when you're needs to mess up, by encouraging that you do right things, by helping you to think of others in advance of yourself. A true friend can help to polish you and allow you to into a better person.

(Open the 3rd egg.) This one includes a piece of cloth inside. This reminds me of a cleaning rag which a servant would use. A genuine friend is one who serves others and puts them first. Service starts in your heart as a wish to help others and shows with your actions. You can serve others by being kind to them, helping them when they need help, or saying an encouraging word to them when they're down. The disciples served people regularly.

(Open the fourth egg.) A nail. Jesus is the foremost friend anyone can ever have. The Bible says that he is a friend that sticks closer when compared to a brother. But, some wicked men nailed Jesus to the cross to pay for our sins. When you have a friend that doesn't know Jesus as Savior, their greatest require is to be saved from other sin. You can help to meet that need by telling them about Jesus. The disciples went all around us telling people about Jesus.

What do these four important things have in common? They all come from a heart that is certainly in love with Jesus and possesses his love for others. James 1:22 says to be doers of the word instead of hearers only. If you're deeply in love with Jesus and have his passion for others, you will be a doer and after that God can use that you meet a need within a friend's life.

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